Factors such as poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, depression, Insulin and Leptin resistance, vitamin deficiency, cellular dysfunction, gut inflammations, food allergy, environmental toxins, prescription, and non-prescription medications can all lead to slow metabolism always feeling hungry and low energy and fatigue.  We will find out why you are not losing weight and finally fix it. You WILL lose weight on our programs.


Sue Decotiis, MD

  • Triple Board Certified: Internal Medicine, Obesity Medicine, Anti-aging / Regenerative Medicine
  • Licensure: New York State Licensed Physician
  • Member: American Society of Bariatric Physicians
  • Attending Physician: NYU Medical Center, NYC, New York
  • Attending Physician: Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC, New York
  • Specialty Areas: Medical Weight Loss & Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • The Best of Manhattan Award: Weight Loss Services

The NYC Medical Weight Loss Doctor offers an acclaimed and highly popular customized and comprehensive medical weight loss program that is incredibly easy to follow. These medical weight loss programs are designed to encourage and promote weight loss through a combination of safe, healthy weight loss, personalized attention, and long-term maintenance support:

  • Customized to your individual health needs and goals
  • Supervised by the leading NYC Weight Loss specialist, Sue Decotiis, MD who guides you through your program
  • Created to address the physical and emotional aspects of your weight loss progress
  • Includes ongoing counseling
  • May include FDA-approved prescription appetite suppressants
  • May include a customized easy to follow meal plan

Medical Weight Loss Program Includes

  • Complete history and analysis to detect any underlying physiologic or metabolic issue or medications that may have contributed to weight gain. Sometimes correcting those conditions, i.e. thyroid disease, metabolic syndrome, medication-induced conditions, leads to effective weight loss.
  • Manhattan Medical Weight Loss in NYC uses body composition analysis (BCA). The BCA determines your basal metabolic rate BMR – that is how many calories your body burns each day. It also determines your body’s fat percentage. This high-tech scale uses electrical impedance to detect these parameters. Knowing this information allows us to custom-design a program for you. This helps us navigate you through the process of achieving your ideal weight. This also helps to avoid stubborn weight-loss plateaus.
  • All our plans are individualized to YOU. We then suggest metabolic and nutritional supplements to enhance weight loss and energy levels. The doctor may also prescribe an appetite suppressant.
  • As you come back for your follow-up, we track your progress with the BCA scale. Changes are made based on your progress and your lifestyle.
  • Our individualized programs can consist of full or partial meal replacements or custom-designed eating plans with regular food. The number of visits required depends on the plan designed for you. We also offer all-inclusive package programs for 6 and 12 weeks.
  • Our meal replacements are high-grade nutraceuticals that are pharmaceutical-grade and produced specifically for our practice. We have a wide variety of foods from breakfast to dinner and everything in between. We have gluten-free and lactose-free products available. In addition, any lifestyle or religious observation can be addressed in a customized eating plan.
  • Hunger can be a natural response to not eating the right amount of food or not eating the right kind of food. However, when someone is overweight, it frequently occurs as a result of impaired food metabolism. This constant hunger can sabotage even the most serious weight loss efforts. WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO BE HUNGRY. Hunger can be combated with a diet that does not cause insulin spikes and subsequent drops in blood sugar. When your body’s leptin (leptin is a hormone that reduces appetite) is no longer functioning efficiently, hunger is a frequent result. Over time, as you lose body fat, you will be much for satisfied with healthy, nutritious meals. In your initial weight loss, we may recommend an appetite suppressant which may be something natural or traditional prescription. Being sure that you attain decent levels of protein with every meal is also important to control hunger. We want you to be satisfied, feel good, and have energy as well as make this process as easy as possible for you.
  • We also offer maintenance packages to assure that you continue to move towards your goal and stay there. We escort you through this journey and beyond to help you in the maintenance phase.

Please note: The Midtown Medical Weight Loss Doctor offers in-person and virtual consultations.

If you are interested in speaking to the doctor about varying medical weight loss programs at the NYC Medical Weight Loss Clinic – including diets, best practices, prescription weight loss, or techniques (including Thermage or Liposonix) – please contact the Doctor’s NYC medical weight loss center today to schedule your FREE consultation or simply request a consultation online using the eForm on the right.

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