Why Diet Programs Fail

So many of my patients who come to me for medical weight loss are so frustrated and down when I first see them. They believe they just cannot do this. They have tried so many plans. They’ve gotten diets from diet books and watched things on television. They’ve been involved in commercial plans like weight watchers and Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. And a lot of them find that they may lose weight in the beginning but they gain it all back, and they wind up being so much more frustrated than they were when they started.

In my medical weight loss practice we do so many different things to change this. We find out what your metabolic rate is, and how many calories your body is burning every day. We determine what your muscle mass is, how much water is in your body, and we monitor you as you go through your journey of weight loss. We develop a diet and an eating plan that is custom-made for you and that meets all of your needs. And we also screen you for underlying medical conditions that could be causing your weight gain such as diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problems, other endocrine problems, medicines (even medicines can do this), as well as sleep apnea.

So think about your metabolism and the things that could be affecting it, and that’s a very important thing to consider when you start any weight loss program.

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