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Why can’t we lose weight and keep it off? We will find out and we will fix it.

Factors such as poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, depression, Insulin and Leptin resistance, vitamin deficiency, cellular dysfunction, gut inflammations, food allergy, environmental toxins, prescription and non-prescription medications can all lead to slow metabolism always feeling hungry and low energy and fatigue.

Improper weight loss and doing it the wrong way can lead to losing lean body mass and not body fat. Many “Low Fat Foods” are loaded with sugar.

Good fat actually helps you lose weight.

We Help You Lose Weight Manhattan Medical Weight Loss Physician

Our goal is to get you to your healthy weight and making sure you stay there. Our program is developed for you based on your unique metabolism (BMR) which is your metabolic rate and your lifestyle. Why do so many people fail on Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem – either not getting to their goal weight or gaining all those pounds back? Many fail because they lose the wrong kind of weight – like muscle or water weight.

Even if you have failed before… Don’t Give Up!!! Get a second opinion from a highly trained physician

Did you know that if you are 20% over your ideal weight the fat cells in your abdomen conspire against you by lowering your ability to metabolize carbohydrates, break down fat, plus THEY MAKE YOU HUNGRY! When blood sugar yoyos your metabolism slows down causing you to gain more weight- also feel exhausted even depressed. All of this is science- and we’re going to use the newest concepts in the field of bariatric medicine (non-surgical weight loss) to get you to your goal weight. This is not one size fits all weight loss.

Come In For Our $35 Initial Consultation

Let’s find out if there are any medical conditions or medications contributing to your weight gain. We will put you on our Body Composition Analysis scale to determine how many calories your body uses in 24 Hrs, your BMR, your fat percentage, water percentage and your muscle mass. We will design a very specific eating plan custom-tailored to your lifestyle, counsel you on all aspects of nutrition, metabolism, and give you metabolism-boosting vitamins so YOU WILL LOSE THE RIGHT KIND OF WEIGHT!

If you are interested in speaking to the doctor about varying medical weight loss programs at the NYC Medical Weight Loss Clinic – including diets, best practices, prescription weight loss, or techniques (including Thermage or Liposonix) – please contact the Doctor’s NYC medical weight loss center today to schedule your FREE consultation or simply request a consultation online using the eForm on the right.

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