What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Many of my patients ask me what is medical weight loss and how is what you doctor different from what I could with Jenny Craig or weight watchers or any of these other programs that are out there? And my answer to you is that I’m a medical doctor and I’m going to evaluate all of the underlying medical problems that could be contributing to your overweightness or obesity. The other thing to realize is that I’m a metabolic specialist. I’m going to figure out how many calories you burn a day, what your metabolic rate is. I also want to know how much protein you have in your body, how much muscle you have how much fat you have how much water you have, and that’s really going to help me guide you through your weight loss journey. And as we go along I’m going to keep on making these measurements and determining how well you are doing with your diet.

If your diet has failed in the past, it’s very likely that perhaps you had a medical condition that wasn’t being treated. Or that you weren’t actually using fat. In many of these fad diets out there you are merely losing water, and you are not actually decreasing your fat percentage. So with medical weight loss, we are really looking at this from a scientific point of view. If you are having a problem with hunger we can address that with medication. If perhaps some of your being overweight related to medicines you are on, perhaps we can change those medicines to things that might be more copacetic with your weight loss. So a medical weight loss program is a much more comprehensive, effective way to lose weight.

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